Folk It! EP

by The Falderals

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While busy working on a studio album of new Americana/Folk songs, The Falderals had some extra bits and pieces we wanted to push out from our home studio, songs we've been messing around with for years but couldn't find room for on our last album, Radio, or our forthcoming. So we made this little EP in order to get the songs out of our system. "Blue Moon" is our attempt at a folk blues tune. "Nickel and Dime" is a song that's grown with Andy, from high school, to his time with Gatewood, and The Falderals still perform it regularly. "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" is our favorite cover song, which we finally dared to record. And we've also included "Fly Song" and "Love it Through," songs we had a blast recording, but were perhaps a bit too experimental for our upcoming studio album. Enjoy.


released March 7, 2013

All songs recorded in the folking basement of our house or via Dropbox with our friends Jim McGuinn and Deke McCallum.



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The Falderals Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hailed as a “true taste of American folk music” by The Superior Telegram, The Falderals are a hidden gem in the Twin Cities. Combining lyrical songwriting with powerful harmonies, they are a must-see act for their unique fusion of folk and pop. Andrew and Rebecca Andestic are occasionally joined by friends, including Jim McGuinn on dobro and lap steel and Deke McCallum on uke and guitar. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Moon Revisted
Blue moon, you come too fast...
Track Name: Fly Song Mix 1
Peace, it only makes you bored, without all of your wars, you’ll wonder what to do
Love, it only makes you old, and who wants to grow old, so love is not for you

But Fly, you were always meant to fly,
like a sunrise through the sky, like a tear across your eye

Bones, they only hold you back, yes, literally hold your back (up), so you don’t need that
Skin, it’s just the stuff you’re in, shed it like your sins, and wear your muscles proud

Hope, a fancy word for wait, it’s already too late, you gotta go today,
Faith is something you believe, sometimes your wings, is all the faith you need


Soul, it might be just a hole, when you die that’s where you’ll go, the truth is we don’t know
So fly, it’s your last chance to try, with a needle in your eye, promise me you’ll fly
Track Name: Love It Through (Wild Mix)
I know the way to make you mad
I take you there and take you back
It’s natural in a world with just two
Found the way to make you laugh
Take you to that heart attack
We’ll break our arms the way we fall into

Me and you got nothing left to do but love it through

With screams and laughs we swim and drown
The house it falls apart around
The world it spins but always stays with you
Beers and toys and dollar bills
We ride the wave of tears and spills
All the truth comes out when we’re through

Me and you we got nothing left to do but love it through

A promise is a curse sometimes
A curse can break the spell that binds
The heart that splits the earth into two
But earthquakes are a way of showing
All the ways we are still growing
From strangers into lovers me and you
Track Name: The Falderals covering Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over The Sea
What a beautiful face...